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Besides business and career coaching, Claudia facilitates and trains as well. Participants benefit from valuable peer learning. Since 2015, Claudia hosts interactive group workshops and lectures in English, Dutch and German for various organisations and groups, such as:

- Design in Focus: online workshop for Designers about Pitching in 2023
- ArchiCGI: online worshop about negotiation for Interior Designers in 2022
- Wednesday Web Jam: online workshop for Designers about Pitching in 2022
- Austrian ecomonic chamber:
in 2022, Claudia hosted a short interactive workshop about time and priority management for members of the Upper Austrian advertisement and marketing communication chapter. After an presentation with essential theory and proven tools, participants analyzed their scheduling process and concludes specific actions to focus on urgent and important projects. Find the German information here.
- Creative UK: in 2022, Claudia designed and facilitated a 6-week online course with essential business fundamentals creating a memorable business plan, how to effectively reach your target audience, practical marketing sales strategies, managing your finances and preserving your work/life balance. Find the details here
- Rome Business School:
from 2018 to 2021, Claudia hosted 3-hour interactive lectures about 'Branding, Naming and Corporate Guidelines' for international students of the Master of Fashion Management. Including guest lecture activity and blended learning: on-campus in Rome and online.
- Braenworks Masterclass:
'Visie & Strategie': Ervaren coaches Kevin de Randamie en Claudia Mayer nemen je mee in een zoektocht naar jouw 'Why'. Je leert hoe je jezelf met een uitgesproken visie sterker kunt positioneren als creatieve professional, Februari 2018 in Den Haag. 
- Ladies that UX Utrecht: 
Group workshop "Sharpen your brand positioning" for 20 members of Utrecht community in Februari 2018, see photos
- Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences
 (Hogeschool Rotterdam): Group workshop for Dutch and international students of Communication and Multimedia Design in September 2016 and September 2017.
- Creative Mornings Utrecht: Workshop for community members about key values in October 2017
- VechtclubXL‬ Utrecht: Workshops for ‎creative‬ ‎entrepreneurs‬ and ‪‎designers‬ in May and June 2016, titled: 'Scherp je visie, focus en richting' as well as 'Aan de slag met acquisitie' in October 2016
- THNK FSTVL for creative leadership and innovation, 
hosting an intensive group session for about 10 international creative and social entrepreneurs during their festival in Amsterdam
- Holland Creatives & Designers Meetup at WeWork Amsterdam with about 20 participants. Join their Meetup to keep you posted about future events, 2015.
- Transformational Storytelling Meetup at The Open Coop in Amsterdam in October 2016 with about 15 participants. Read a short report by Meetup host David here.
- Seats2Meet small business owners in Haarlem with about 15 participants from various industries, including training, health, online marketing and photography, 2015.

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Business Growth Coach for Creatives and Designers


Business Growth Coach for Creatives and Designers

Workshop - VechtclubXL Utrecht - 11 mei 2016 (5)

Commentaar van Henk Melching, Incident consultant, over de workshop bij VechtclubXL

Commentaar van Patrick van Vliet, Artist en Creative Director, over de workshop bij VechtclubXL

Workshop Storytelling 25.10.2016 Amsterdam (2)