Gain insights on positioning, marketing and sales

Interview by ArchiCGI visualization company

Learn why clients want to invest in Architects and Designers who really read their minds. Gain insights into business processes such as positioning, online marketing via Linkedin and increasing your profit. Naturally grow your business, attract more clients, and land more deals.

How to engage with a dream client

Learn about the 3 levels of engagement, the you vs. me focus, and the similarities between dating and sales. Design is a service you provide (value you create) as you help your client solve a problem.

How to price with confidence

A designer / art teacher felt demotivated: she worked many hours, had a low income and got stuck. Our plan of action focused on new attractive services. We focused on relationship and experience which resulted in confident pricing.

Visual book review & summary

📕 127 pages summarized in 9 minutes? No problem! Watch my visual book review & summary to learn the essence of Sean Rosensteel's new book: ‘The School of Intentional Living’! I strongly recommend this relevant and practical book to all #creatives, #designers and #perfectionists seeking to take life into your own hands. Want 2 free gifts? Claim an audiobook version and 1-page implementation guide.

Time-saving tools for busy Designers

Learn about 4 tools to simplify your time tracking, client management, and task management. Less time for administration, more time for creation!

Book review: Entrepreneurship for Creative People

Short visual summary of major creative entrepreneurship principles by the authors. Structured in 3 chapters: sell, make, grow. Book authors: Donald Roos and Anne de Bruijn.

How to attract clients on social media?

Follow 3 steps to win new design projects online. By using an example of a photographer I take you along relevant steps to improve your marketing and project acquisition success.

How to be visible & relevant as designer on Linkedin?

As a designer you solve problems and therefore they pay you. Learn how to create relevant content for social media and how to engage with your ideal clients! Includes two practical advice you can implement today.

How to structure your home office day as designer

Are you procrastinating work? Here are 3 tips you can implement today.

Branding tips💡for creative and design companies

A short recap of my recent lecture for Rome Business School Master of Fashion Management students.

Coaching by Claudia visiting Studio TOIMII, Utrecht (interview)

Topics include key insights, results from coaching, next steps.
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Afraid of Sales or Acquisition?

If you are a designer or creative entrepreneur you don't necessarily learn the business skills in your art school.
This video helps you to change your mind and to understand how you can do acquisition and selling in a smart way.

How to organize tasks in a fun, easy and visual way?

If you are a creative person like myself you probably have a lot of ideas. The big question is: How to make them happen? In this video I share a simple tool to organize tasks in a fun, easy and visual way.

Why Designers should know about pain points

Learn how the value proposition canvas helped three of my clients to create better design solutions.

Book review: 'Time Management for Creatives', by Donald Roos

Smart, easy tools and humorous visuals turn your prioritizing fear into fun!

Is your design business future-proof?

Find out now by answering my three checklist questions. What's your score?

From Stuck to Unstoppable

Why every design and creative professional and entrepreneur should master SMART goal setting

Manage overwhelm, set priorities and delegate

How to manage overwhelm, set priorities and delegate secondary tasks as creative or design entrepreneur or businessowner.

Set boundaries in your creative business

Learn how a client of mine deals with a challenging partnership negotiation, and which tools he applies to find his ideal position.

How to overcome procrastination

I'm sharing my struggles and discomfort caused by limiting beliefs as procrastination hindered me to move forward. I finally took action to bring my big project to the next level.