Is your design business future-proof?

Is your design business future-proof

Find out now by answering my 3 simple and practical checklist questions mentioned in the video.

A multimedia design company hired me to sharpen their positioning, take a leading role with their clients, and create more creative content. During one-on-one coaching with the founder, as well as two workshops with the team of 5, we analyzed, strategized and streamlined their business strategy. In the meanwhile, they successfully pitched three dream clients, waste less time and energy on secondary tasks, and take a more proactive and assertive role.

Please share in the comments: how does your design business score, and what are current gaps to future-proof it?

About Coaching by Claudia

Claudia Mayer is the founder of Coaching by Claudia, where she helps design businesses create more time for their creative work, and worry less about marketing, pricing and sales. To achieve this, she developed a visual 6-step Business Design Game to bring joy and ease into business strategy.

Claudia, who earned a business degree from the University of Innsbruck in Austria with a concentration in Strategy and Marketing, has lived in Asia for nearly five years. She also speaks three languages English, German and Dutch.

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