How have you progressed since starting your creative business?

progressed since starting your creative business

Is this you?

  • You are scattered in your approach to achieving your ultimate goal.
  • You have never liked talking to someone whom you don’t know about your vision and ideas.

You are not alone. Beginning of 2018, watercolour maker and artist Dr. Jyotsna Pippal from Lost in Colours felt the same. She is inspired by the love for natural materials born out of Earth. Her popular Etsy store sells traditionally handcrafted paint using the finest artist grade non-toxic/natural pigments.

Lost in Colours

Jyotsna not only enjoys being a paint-maker but she also enjoys packaging each product in her own unique way with a lot of detail and much love.

She found it comfortable discussing with Claudia about what she was working on and what she wanted to achieve. Business coaching helped Jyotsna:

✔️ stay on track and not get distracted

✔️ stay focused in achieving short term goals

✔️ explore various other options to expand her creative business

She found Claudia professional in her approach, providing great ideas to identify and overcome obstacles. Claudia’s coaching helped Jyotsna in learning tactics which a newbie creative entrepreneur must know about.

Lost in Colours-2

Claudia’s suggestions made her think out of the box or in otherwords, helped my lateral thinking process. The fortnightly coaching sessions with Claudia stimulated Jyotsn’s brain to come up with new ideas and thoughts to be applied to further grown and develop her creative business. Communication took place via Skype video calls, accompanied with frequent interactions on online collaboration tool Trello.

👉 Is it time for you to stay on track, stay focused, achieve short term goals and expand your creative business? Comment below so Claudia can send you the qualification form to apply for a complimentary intake session to take your first step.

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