Create your own face chart in 15 minutes!

Download the face chart template here:

as pdf: download here

as jpg: see image below

Face chart template
Face chart template

This image is sourced from and was created by frederick allen US. The profile icon is licensed by Creative Commons.


How to create your own face chart:

STEP 1: Brainstorm (without judging) and write down keywords as answers to the following 5 elements of your face chart. Take 1 minute per element:

- Passion: Which activities get you into a flow status? What are your personal interests? Which topics excites you? Which tasks give you energy? (e.g. sketching, baking, repairing, writing, etc.)

- Physical attributes: How would people describe you? What is typically about your person? How do you look like? (e.g. tall and skinny, soft hands, large feet, smiling face, etc.)

- History: What is your origin and background? What were peak moments in your life? How did you grow up? Who or what influenced you? (e.g. shy and quiet, Nordic minimalism, vibrant city girl, etc.)

- Skills: What are you good at? What are your talents? Which activities are easy for you and others ask you for help? Which tasks do you master? (e.g. structuring with XLS, telling stories, coding apps, etc.)

- Quirky: What makes you unique? How would your best friend describe you? What is special or different about you? (e.g. wearing orange all day, talking really fast, crazy about aubergines, etc.)

STEP 2: Pick 3-8 key items and share percentages amongst them. Take 2 minutes.

STEP 3: Save (and print) below profile image and digitally (or by hand) draw a pie chart into the profile, name it and and colour it. Take 8 minutes.

Finally, share your face chart on social media using the hashtag #facechartchallenge

Pro challenge: be creative and draw your personal side face profile!