Client Stories from Creatives & Designers

Claudia is trilingual (English, German, Dutch) and works with business owners, entrepreneurs and professionals in Europe, USA and Asia, virtually or face-to-face in the Netherlands. Below you find some reviews from Creatives and their personal experiences with my coaching:

(DUTCH): Hoe zet je als ontwerper jouw onderneming op het juiste spoor?

Creativiteit gaat vaak alle kanten op en daardoor zou je kansen kunnen missen. Bekijk het verhaal van tassen ontwerpster Katia: op speelse wijze middels een brainstorm sessie heeft zij heeft haar strategie bijgestuurd. Op deze manier kon ze van haar inzichten concrete actiepunten definiëren.


“Rethinking my business“

Online marketer/web desiger
Coached in 01/2016

“Self-reflection creates trust“

Coached in 02/2016


“I'm happy with the results“

Coached since 12/2014

“Sometimes the feels easy and other times it feels very challenging. I learned that is ok to go beyond my comfort zone. I'm happy with the results.“

“Courage and comfort“

Garden & Landscape Architect
Coached since 01/2016

“Claudia is very well organized and structured. She finds the right balance between encouraging me and pushing me out of my comfort zone.“


“Positivity and encouragement“

Lighting Designer
Coached 02-09/2015

“Claudia gave me positivity and encouragement, improving my work relationship and life. I found her ideas and way of thinking interesting. A lot of Claudias ideas are great and they worked.“

“Growing my confidence“

Professional organizer
Coached since 08/2015


“The session was mind-blowing.“

Online Marketing Expert
Coached in 01/2016

"Pushes me in the right direction"

Innovation & Change Manager 
Coached since 04-2015

"Claudia is empathic and pushes me in the right direction. She is organised and creates trust and confidence for me. Claudia gives me the space to be who I am. She listens carefully and challenges me always to take the next step on my journey.“


"Energy and inspiration"

Product manager
Coached in 2015

“Claudia listens and gives me accurate input, is always positive and cheerful. The coaching gave me new energy and inspiration.“

“Goal-focused, new point of view“

Event organizer
Coached in 01/2016


“Gained much needed clarity“

Social media consultant/trainer
Coached since 03/2016

“In our session I was able to gain much needed clarity around my business model and Claudia really helped me focus on my value proposition, in a very unique way. I would not hesitate to recommend her services to anybody looking for help with their business goals. “