Your creative skills are great. But what about your business skills?

With the mindset of a designer and the focus of an entrepreneur, Claudia Mayer bridges the gap between creative talent, design and business. As a specialized business coach for creatives & designers, Claudia helps clients take strategic action to achieve professional growth and sustainable success. Through sparring and creative or visual exercises, we clarify big picture strategy and solve practical challenges.

Serving the creative industry

Serving the creative industry

Business Coaching is ideal for Creative Companies with high ambitions, working in complex environments, and seeking to improve their performance: a higher margin or income, efficient teamwork, bigger budgets or creative freedom.


Visual, design thinking approach

I bring a fresh perspective with practical insights and sharp ideas to creative and design companies. My approach is highly interactive and collaborative: co-creating strategy, refining processes, solving operational challenges.

Scope of Service

Scope of service

▪ Leadership coaching for design managers and directors
▪ Entrepreneurship and business coaching for creative business owners
▪ Career coaching for creative professionals looking to get to the next level

Client references

Marian Crole
Singer & Songwriter
Geneva, Switzerland

Brand Communications
Amsterdam, Netherlands

Studio Chavelli
Design and Lettering Art
New York City, USA

Rome Business School
Master of Fashion Management
Rome, Italy

Van Vlier Media
Media Production
Rijswijk, Netherlands

Iwan Kempe
Illustrator, graphic designer
Amsterdam, Netherlands


Joram Blomkwist
Art Photographer
Amsterdam, Netherlands

Katia Plewnia
Labour of Art
Utrecht, Netherlands

Liliana Rengifo
Wana Bana Design
Utrecht, Netherlands

Saskia Best
Lecturer at Rotterdam University, Netherlands

Translating business talk into creative visual language

Claudia Mayer bridges creative talent and business success. Most art and design schools don't teach business or entrepreneurship. Likewise, the majority of business education is optimized for left-brain, analytical learners. Therefore, Claudia developed gamified, visual tools to bring joy and ease into marketing, sales and organisation:



Business Design Game

Need support in your professional development?

Business Coaching is an individually customized process to maximize your unique strengths, provide new strategies for achieving your desired results and help you transform unproductive behaviour. This is achieved within a framework that typically follows the steps below:

creative business coaching - process

creative business coaching

Needs & Goals

Which results would you like to achieve? Which priorities or challenges need attention? Typical needs or goals include branding, client strategy and focus.


In order to evaluate if Claudia is the ideal business coach for you please fill out her short qualification form to share your specific goals, expectations, budget and time resources.

creative business coaching

Intake Meeting

After a positive qualification, we explore your current and ideal situation. You receive a short trial session to experience Claudia's coaching and provide you with a valuable insight or actionable plan.

Coaching Sessions

During weekly, bi-weekly or monthly sessions we follow the Business Design Game, a visual guideline for business development in the creative industry. We track assignments via Trello.

creative business coaching


After a productive period of business coaching, you might prefer to continue your development process by yourself. In the last session, we review results, key insights and define your future strategy.

Ready for action?