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Coaching by Claudia visiting Studio TOIMII, Utrecht (interview)

Topics include key insights, results from coaching, next steps.
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Why Designers should know about pain points

Learn how the value proposition canvas helped three of my clients to create better design solutions. 

Book review: 'Time Management for Creatives', by Donald Roos

Smart, easy tools and humorous visuals turn your prioritizing fear into fun!

Is your design business future-proof?

Find out now by answering my three checklist questions. What's your score?

From Stuck to Unstoppable

Why every design and creative professional and entrepreneur should master SMART goal setting

Manage overwhelm, set priorities and delegate

How to manage overwhelm, set priorities and delegate secondary tasks as creative or design entrepreneur or businessowner.

Set boundaries in your creative business

Learn how a client of mine deals with a challenging partnership negotiation, and which tools he applies to find his ideal position.

Are you selling or solving?

Is acquisition important in your creative or design business? Would you like to turn one-way sales into meaningful problem solving for your ideal clients?

How to overcome procrastination

I'm sharing my struggles and discomfort caused by limiting beliefs as procrastination hindered me to move forward. I finally took action to bring my big project to the next level.

Making 1000 Designers & Creatives more courageous

Sharing my vision, passion and belief. 

3 golden tips to ignite change

Learn three practical tips to ignite change for growth, my coaching method as well as key components of a successful co-creative alliance.

The Art & Science of Coaching

A humorous approach to explain the multiple roles of coaches. 

Video interview

About living and working abroad as an expat. Interview by Rachel Smets.