Start, run or grow your creative business

Start, run or grow your creative business | Advance your creative career

Claudia helps Designers and Creatives earn the money, triumph and recognition their deserve - in business or career. She guides you in becoming a courageous creative leader who makes informed decisions. After clarifying your individual needs and ambitions, Claudia tailors her business and career coaching services to create a transformative growth and experiential learning experience for you.

Business coaching: Start, run or grow your creative business; know your niche; define your expertise; position your brand; grow your client base; deal with multiple roles an entrepreneur.
Career coaching: Dare to work to your full potential; developing a pro-active approach to shape the role that your competence deserves; handling your boss; finding or creating your ideal job profile.

Do you prefer personal attention or a peer learning experience?

Personal Coachingbusiness growth coachGet full attention to your specific needs. Claudia tailors her coaching to your individual topic resulting in effective, fast and impactful results. Your customized sessions are on your terms. Learn more.


Group Coachingbusiness growth group coachingEnjoy learning from others, and with others in safe and courageous virtual or face-to-face spaces. Share your experience with peers and benefit from multiple perspectives. Learn more.


Start, run or grow your creative business

Specific solutions for creative minds

"A goal without a plan is just a wish." - Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Most Creatives and Designers are right-brained, and the business side of creating is not their thing. Claudia brings fun and ease to your business kills. Together, we professionalize your niche definition, acquisition, branding, pitching, pricing your work, client negotiations, closing deals, and organizational development.

Commitment and Accountability

Coaching is an alliance and teamwork between coach and client. Regular interactive conversations conclude with customized real-life assignments, tasks or experiments. Business and Career Coach Claudia expects you to commit 100%, and holds you accountable to implement your tasks. You can expect 100% energy from Claudia to keep you on track, inspire you and challenge you.

Flexibility on timing and location

Personal and professional development is your smartest investment in life. We'll make sure you get the most out of it. You're an active designer of our alliance, and Claudia works on your terms:
Languages spoken: English, German and Dutch
Timing: recurring timeslots at your preferred time
Location: face-to-face in the Netherlands or virtually

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