Short self-reflection exercise for busy Designers & Creatives: take stock on your life satisfaction

This DIY exercise takes about 5-10 minutes.
Choose a quiet and relaxing atmosphere and please have paper and a pen at the ready. Follow below steps:


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(1) draw a large circle in the middle of the paper.

(2) divide the circle into 8 equal pieces by drawing one horizontal, one vertical and two more lines in between them.

(3) around the edges where the 8 lines meet the circle, please write the following 8 aspects of life, one by one: (see example on the right)
- Family & Friends
- Partner & Romance
- Career & Business
- Personal Growth
- Money & Finance
- Health & Wellness
- Fun & Recreation
- Physical Environment (the space where you live and work)

Me-time for busy Designers and Creatives

(4) mark a scale from 0 to 10 on each of the 8 lines. 0 is located at the centre of the circle and 10 is the outermost point of the line.

(5) rate your current honest satisfaction level for all 8 aspects of your life. 0 means you are totally unsatisfied and 10 means you are totally satisfied. (see example on the right)

(6) looking at your satisfaction levels, pick one that is currently most important for you to improve.

(7) reflect on yourself:
- what makes this aspect of life important to me?
- how does it influence other aspects of my life?
- what would a 10 feel like? Feel free to close your eyes and visualize this situation.

(8) take action:
- Which little step will you take today to improve your satisfaction by 1 point?

Me-time for busy Designers and Creatives

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