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You are probably curious to find out if your peers struggle with the same challenges when it comes to the business side of your creative or design business. Business Coach Claudia recently interviewed 50+ international Designers & Creatives about their business skills, and shares the results with you. Take action and improve your business skills right away, with 3 practical tips!

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Quizzes for self-reflection and learning

Which side of your brain, left or right, is more dominant? 

Do you want to know which side of your brain, left or right, is more dominant and by how much? Take this test to get the most accurate results.
Source: arealme

Do You Know What It Takes to Be Original?

Cultivating creativity and originality: Can you spot originality? Do you know how to cultivate it in yourself and others? 
Source: Harvard Business Review

What’s the secret to making or breaking your habits?

The “Four Tendencies” framework (how a person responds to outer and inner expectations)
Source: Gretchen Rubin

What is your self-promotion style?

Self-evaluation about promoting your professional skills and services, self-promotion strategy
Source: HOW Design

What is your influencer style?

Self-evaluation about showing you your influencer type. Takes two minutes to complete. 
Source: Push Button Influence