Simplifying your business - maximizing your creativity!

Your creative skills are great. But what about your business skills?

Okay, you’re excellent at your job as a creative or designer. But having that skill is no guarantee for a growing and profitable business. Structure, strategy and focus are essential. Simplify your Marketing & Sales to create more time for creative work.

For whom?

Business Coaching is ideal for Creatives who want to change their habits and routine in order to create relevant business results.

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What you get

Sharpen your positioning, define your actionable plan to reach your goals, and attract your dream clients and projects.

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How we co-create

Get customized support to train your business skills - virtually, face-to-face, via an in-house program or a group workshop. 

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Client references

Marian Crole
Singer & Songwriter
Geneva, Switzerland

Brand Communications
Amsterdam, Netherlands

Studio Chavelli
Design and Lettering Art
New York City, USA

Femke Veltkamp
Illustration and Workshops
Utrecht, Netherlands

Van Vlier Media
Media Production
Rijswijk, Netherlands

Iwan Kempe
Illustrator, graphic designer
Amsterdam, Netherlands


Joram Blomkwist
Art Photographer
Amsterdam, Netherlands

Katia Plewnia
Labour of Art
Utrecht, Netherlands

Liliana Rengifo
Wana Bana Design
Utrecht, Netherlands

Saskia Best
Lecturer at Rotterdam University, Netherlands

Translating business talk into creative visual language

Claudia bridges creative talent and business success. Most art and design schools don't teach business or entrepreneurship. Likewise,
the majority of business education is optimized for left-brain, analytical learners. Therefore, she developed gamified,
visual tools to bring joy and ease into marketing, sales and organisation: