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Are you a Creative or Designer who wants to grow your business or thinks of launching one?

Business Coaching for Creatives and Designers is your essential resource for business growth and entrepreneurship. Trilingual Business Coach Claudia worked 8 years in the international creative industry in five European and Asian countries. She is well attuned with the corporate and entrepreneurial world. Claudia serves clients around the world, via personal sessions as well as group workshops.

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Grow your business skills including branding, finding your niche, business vision and stategy, pitching, pricing, client negotiations, closing deals, and organizational development.

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Business Growth CoachDesigners & Creatives like yourself

Join ambitious design professionals, international entrepreneurs or business owners in the creative industry. Read about their experience working with me to hone business and career.

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Business Growth CoachBusiness Coach Claudia

Your go-to expert to help you earn the money, triumph and recognition you deserve. Professionally trained by CTI as a Co-Active® Coach, with 8 years’ experience in the creative industry.

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A sample of client references

Ambitious companies from around the world hired Claudia to turn their creative potential into tangible business results, including:

Marian Crole
Singer & Songwriter
Geneva, Switzerland

Brand Communications
Amsterdam, Netherlands

Studio Chavelli
Design and Lettering Art
New York City, USA

Femke Veltkamp
Illustration and Workshops
Utrecht, Netherlands

Van Vlier Media
Media Production
Rijswijk, Netherlands


Bridging creativity & business

If your talents are idea generation, design and creativity you might miss structure, strategy and focus in your creative business. Business Coach Claudia knows the business skills that every growth-driven Creative and Designer needs to have to succeed in business.


Business Growth Coach for Creatives and Designers

Become proud & profitable

Claudia helps you earn the money, triumph and recognition you deserve. To achieve this, she summarized typical success criteria and created a unique 6-step methodology to empower business growth and personal productivity for Creatives and Designers.



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